The following information is provided by the Lee County Highway Department to inform citizens of stormwater management, control and recognition of potential harmful discharges as well as a reporting mechanism for observed violations.

Stormwater Brochures
 Local Watershed  Halawakee Creek Watershed  Mill Creek Watershed Moores Mill Watershed 
Parkerson Mill Creek Watershed  Saugahatchee Watershed  Lawn Care & Smart Yards  Rain Garden Design
 Emerging Contaminants Low Impact Development  Materials Management  Sanitary vs Storm Sewer
 Erosion & Sediment Control  Let's look at Sediment  Alternative Technologies  Reference Brochure
 Stream Buffers  Wetlands  Illicit Discharge  Websites
Low Impact Development Handbook USGS Stram Guages Storm Drain Marking  Little Uchee Creek Watershed