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A county is a political subdivision of the State of Alabama.  Among the principal governmental functions vested in Alabama counties are law enforcement; tax assessment, levy and collection; administration of decedent's estates and probate matters; maintenance of real and personal property title records; construction and maintenance of public roads and bridges; and maintenance of the county courthouse, which provides office space for various county officials and departments.  

Lee County is governed by a six-member County Commission, composed of a Chairman and five Commissioners.  The Probate Judge, who serves as Chairman of the County Commission, is elected countywide for a six-year term.  The other five members of the County Commission are elected from single-member districts for four-year terms.  Each Commissioner must be a registered voter and live within the district they represent.  Commissioners are not all elected at the same time.  Three commissioners are elected in one election cycle, and the other two members are elected in the next election cycle two years later, so that the terms are staggered for continuity.  

Three members of the Commission constitute a quorum for the conduct of business.  A simple majority vote of those present and voting determines county policies.  The Chairman is authorized to vote only in case of a tie.  The Chairman presides over the meetings and is responsible for keeping the minutes of the meetings of the County Commission.

The County Commission employs a County Administrator, who serves as its chief administrative officer.  It is the responsibility of the County Administrator to carry out the policies and directives of the Commission, and for the development and management of the County's annual operating budget. The Administrator serves as the budgetary agent for all county offices.  The County Administrator is also responsible for the supervision and management of various department heads, and for ensuring that all agreements, leases and other contractual obligations of the Commission are properly performed.  The County Administrator works with Lee County Commissioners and other elected county officials to facilitate the delivery of quality and effective services to the citizens of Lee County.

Commission Meetings are held on the 2nd and the last Mondays of each month in the Commission Chamber.  Those wishing to speak should sign in prior to the meeting on a sheet provided at the back of the room.

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