We are very pleased that you are interested in the workings of local government in Lee County, Alabama. The following web pages and links will tell you a little about our County and the elected officials and personnel that are responsible for the various offices and departments that make up our County government.

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Recent News

  • Lee County Commission Receives Tenth Clean Annual Audit in a Row - Fiscal Year 2015
  • DRIVE Alabama -- Developing a Road and Infrastructure Vision for Everyone in Alabama
  • Commission Adopts Fiscal Year 2016 Budget
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Public Notices

  • Commission to Hold Budget Work Sessions The Lee County Commission will hold Budget Work Sessions immediately following its meetings on Aug. 8, Aug. 29 and Sept. 12.
  • Commission to update Building and  Energy Codes The Lee County Commission announced its intention to adopt updated Building Codes at its regularly scheduled meeting on Aug. 29, 2016.
  • Permanent Railroad Closure at Lee Road 749 and Lee Road 195 Railroad crossings at Lee Road 749 and Lee Road 195 in Salem to closer permanently
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